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Zeta Studios is looking for talent for a New Abridged Series
Casting Call
King Of The Monsters In Space
Heroic Age Abridged

Project Genre: Action Adventure, Adult Comedy

Zeta Studios is look for talent for an Accelerated Abridged production. What is an Accelerated production? Heroic Age has 26 episodes, accelerating this production will create 10, approximately, 3 to 5 minute episode, though the first will be close to the traditional 10. Basi
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Zeta Studios is looking for talent for Zombie World!
[Image: http://zetastudios.net/Graphics/ZWBanner.jpg]
Project Genre: Adult, Soft-core, Comedy, Horror

Zeta Studios is currently looking for voice talent to replace two of our female main characters and fill the following Extra roles in Episode 3 of Zombie World, aka Highschool of the Dead Abridged.

Please Follow All Instructions For Your Audition

Legal Notice:
The casting is for a Mature Audience production, whi
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Mr. Sticky Studios: Mr. Sticky The Street
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...utu.be</a>]

All voices are by me...which is why they're terrible. Tongue

 Music is by ross bugden though I only used a small excerpt from his song Olympus. He's got a lot of good royalty free music. 

I am gonna be making more of these type videos some with my own voice over and others with people who are much much much better!

If you are interested