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Mr Sticky Comics: Sleepless Warrior Motion Comic Auditions
I am writing a martial arts revenge comic called "Sleepless Warrior". I made a previous thread for a trailer and I want to thank
all who participated in it. Here is the trailer 

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...ttp://</a>]

I am looking to do a motion comic for the first chapter (artwork by Canko Stefanov) and hopefully the entire series.
If a character does not have a name near them then that means they are available to voice.

[b]Main Characters: [/b
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Mr. Sticky Comics: Counting Motion Comic Audtions
Hi it's Mr. Sticky again with another motion comic audition. This time for the short comic "Counting".
Which you can read here  counting comic   

I am still working on the Sleepless Warrior Motion Comic but I thought I might as well get started casting for my other comics too.
If you are interested in any project please e-mail me at mrsticky005comics@gmail.com

Just to be clear as I have no money none of these are paid at the moment. But
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Mr. Sticky Studios: Mr. Sticky The Street
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...utu.be</a>]

All voices are by me...which is why they're terrible. Tongue

 Music is by ross bugden though I only used a small excerpt from his song Olympus. He's got a lot of good royalty free music. 

I am gonna be making more of these type videos some with my own voice over and others with people who are much much much better!

If you are interested