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Final Fantasy IX Radio Drama
This project is a radio drama of Final Fantasy IX with an original plot featuring fan-favorite characters. We are currently in need of two female voice actors: one for the lead role of Princess Garnet and another for the supporting role of Ruby.

The script has been finished and the project's completion time will require approximately 1-2 weeks depending on the schedule of some of our actors. This is not an overly ambitious project. The total audio recording will be approximately 1.5 hours. Th
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[All Set!] Gunsmoke Radio Show Re-enactment
UPDATE 7/30/17: A ton of fantastic auditions have come in for the supporting characters since this post was made, so I've removed their information from the casting call.  Anyone you see listed in the available roles section is still open for try-outs.  Thank you all again for your interest in this project!!

As a hobby project, I'm looking to re-create an episode of the
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Electric Vicuña Productions Here :)
Hey Folks! 
Thanks so much for the invite Azure, I really appreciate it.
Just wanted to wish everyone the best on this site. I love how it's set out and look forward to listening to all the great productions.

I run the Sonic Society Podcast a weekly showcase of modern audio drama for almost 15 years now (yes we're the Grandfathers of audio drama podcasting). If you have a show that you'd like to have the world hear we'd be happy to play it (as long as its not fan fiction we can't do that an
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Final Fantasy 4 Radio Show! Casting!
Now casting for Season One of the Final Fantasy 4 Radio Show!

Final Fantasy IV (known as Final Fantasy II in the U.S.) was a video game originally published by SquareSoft for the SNES in 1991. It has since been re-mastered and re-made multiple times for multiple systems and now we are creating an unofficial radio adaptation of the classic story of sword and sorcery.

[font=Karla,]The game follows Cecil, a dark knight, who begins to question his king's
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Commercial Voice Over Demo
This is my current commercial VO demo. Just posting it here for public viewing.