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One Punch Man - Saitama versus Crabman [ CLOSED]
Thought I should kick off these forums in some more style with some one Punch Man, this is from the first episode ( just after the opening credits) I'm looking for three characters, plus some extras. So if you don't fit feel free to post your reel and I'll grab people for the stray lines. This section covers the flashback to a younger Saitama with hair!

N.B I have no accent preferences, so feel free to use your own accent or whatever you feel
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One Punch Man ( episode 1 dub) - Saitama versus Crablante
Woot! the first community project is done, a fan-dub from episode 1 of One-Punch man.

This is a short fan dub from part of episode 1 of One-Punch man. If you enjoy the dub support the series you can stream it legally subbed from Daisuke.net and buy the manga from VIZ.

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One Piece :: Bartolomeo's Charge!

Bartolomeo's body is NOT ready! Enjoy!

More regular uploads coming soon as well as catching up with people's lines (now that I have a cable that won't produce static that'll ruin recordings). And before anyone asks, no, SakasaJinei is still Robin in One Piece 6.

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Believe (One Piece) Swedish Cover
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sUCd_Zf42Q]

Decided to make a Swedish cover of the song Believe, one of the openings for the anime series One Piece. Always found this song so catchy.

Loosely translated the lyrics myself by making the text suited for the Swedish language while keeping it true to the spirit of the original lyrics.

"Folk säger jag lever bland moln,
Men jag bryr inte mig, för jag drömmer om dig!
Hjärtats skatt är vår destination!
Så varm,
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New One Piece (Anime) Fandub and Parody!
Hey guys,

I wanted to share a new One Piece parody and fandub released called "One Piece Unleashed". [Image: http://forums.arlongpark.net/images/smil...b/grin.png]

[color=#333333][size=small][font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]It takes place during the
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One shot radioplays #01 - MLP - Night Court
Pretty much my first attempt on doing a non-serious radioplay. This one's old and just thought I'd share to hopefully showcase a glimpse of how my work ends up being. 

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hUWRiYtWOghttp://]
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Final Fight One Intro Fandub
Howdy folks, I made a fandub of the intro of 2001 GBA Game Final Fight One (that is based off of the original 1989 Arcade Game Final Fight.) While I did do all the voices in this particular fandub clip this could potentially lead into a full fandub of the game. (Since Final Fight One not only has the original game's opening & ending but also added in pre-battle banter between Haggar, Cody & Guy and the Stage Bosses. Oh yes and Cody & Guy's Street Fighter Alpha versions appear in the game and hav