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5M/3F for "Astrocreep" spinoff

[size=medium][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'm looking for 5 male character positions and 3 female character positions for an "Astrocreep" spinoff I'm developing. If you don't know, "Astrocreep" is a point 'n click adventure game series where the player helps an alien kill people and evolve, similar to "the visitor". This game, "Aquacreep", is a spinoff game, cannon to the series, but completely it's own separate thing.
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[Unpaid]Thriller/Mystery Game Demo - 2 M
The project my group is producing is a thriller/mystery game, with multiple player characters investigating the house of their deceased friend. First player game, the player plays through as each of these characters, interacting with the house in different and unique ways. 

Miles: Very early 20s, voice on the deeper side, relaxed delivery, capable of bursts of emotion, sounding afraid

Will: Very early 20s, mid range voice, a bit nasally, voice tries to sound assured though can be