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Gaming lore/short story project!
Hello, all! I've been working on an audio related gaming project, and am looking for some feedback! While I do not necessarily consider myself a VA talent, this project is helping me work on a lot of skills, including better articulating myself and being comfortable with my voice. I also work with a variety of voice actors in the videos to lend their voices to characters, and reading game lore.

The project itself is, as aforementioned, gaming related. We go over a variety of random bits of ba
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[CLOSED] Female voice artist needed for YouTube lore series
Hi all,

I am creating a YouTube series that provides viewers with background story information for various scifi/fantasy franchises. These videos will be entirely motion graphics based, with custom designed assets, and therefore will be in need of a voice over. 

[size=medium][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The general theme of the series will be that the various su