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Kingdom Hearts: A Voice in the Dark - Disney, KH & FF characters needed!
Project -
Kingdom Hearts: A Voice in the Dark is a fanmade Kingdom Hearts audio drama that focuses on the character of Naminé and her origin story. The project so far has amassed tens of thousands of views on its host channel Skywardwing, and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgyH1Cth...J_cYfiJoMG-

Roles Needed:
Supporting roles will likely appear in only a few episodes. They will only have a handful of lines for each chapter. As this is an audio dr
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Kingdom Hearts III - D23 2018 Trailer Cutscenes
It's that time again! A new Kingdom Hearts III D23 trailer has been brought out and we need voices. 

This time for the Monsters Inc. characters. Like before, they need to be close to the voices from the movies. But, the actors must be able to perform these voices for new dialogue rather than dialogue from the movies. Once cast, you will be given within a week or two to complete the lines. There aren't a lot. 

Here's the trailer.