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Kingdom Hearts: A Voice in the Dark - Disney, KH & FF characters needed!
Project -
Kingdom Hearts: A Voice in the Dark is a fanmade Kingdom Hearts audio drama that focuses on the character of Naminé and her origin story. The project so far has amassed tens of thousands of views on its host channel Skywardwing, and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgyH1Cth...J_cYfiJoMG-

Roles Needed:
Supporting roles will likely appear in only a few episodes. They will only have a handful of lines for each chapter. As this is an audio dr
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Warhammer:Total war 2 Campaign : Dark Elves
Hey there I am back looking for another Voice Actor, this time female.

My last project is on going and here is a link to the playlist so you can check it out how it is going and what I am looking for, currently on the 5th one in the series I am awaiting lines from my voice actors (4th one is done). I will post it here when it is completed.

Ungrim Voice Acted Campaign

I have had lots of great feedback and
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Female Voice Needed For Dark Magician Girl
Hey, I'm looking for someone to play the Dark Magician Girl in an episode of my review series. The voice doesn't have to be exact, but it doesn't hurt. 

Audition lines:
"That would be me. Are you okay Reviewer?"
"*exasperated* You didn’t read the note in the back of the book, did you?"
"*irritated* Okay… let me take this from the top. *calm* My name is Mystiss, the Dark Magician Girl."

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✨【Love Net】✨ » A (Dark) Web Browser Romance

【 Romance ✦ Psychological ✦ Tragedy 】

[align=center][Image: http://orig14.deviantart.net/adcc/f/2013...6lwrhn.gif]A game about love , desperation, and sensitivity.

[size=x-small]Explore the world of