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[ Community Challenge] Message from the past
We haven't done one of these since we relaunched, it's time for a community challenge. These aren't auditions as such but challenges that everyone can participate in Smile

For the first one I'll start of with the theme of " Message from the past".

Your challenge is to create a work involving voice acting ( audio, video, game etc) on the theme of a message from the past. Think of phone messages, audio logs in games, ghosts, memories anything you can think of. You then need to create somethi
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What's the challenge section for?
What can I post here?

Non Actor recruitment:
Need writers, editors, musicians? then post here

Anyone can kick off a challenge. If you're just looking for voice actors just post an audition. This section is for projects centered around mutual improvement and feedback. For example you may wish to set off a project creating tutorial videos, or if you're experienced offer free crit sessions for VAs. You may also want to set people challenges these
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Challenge 1 - The Librarian
Woo lets get this thing off the road. The idea of this challenge is to create something on the theme of " The Librarian", the project can be any media you like, mp3, video, animation, machinima....as long as it contains an audio element as this is a voice acting site. You're more than welcome to cast other actors, or you can voice the project yourself. Fan works are OK, though I'd encourage you to create something yourself. 

Once the project is complete post a link here, at the e
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Challenge 2 - The Raven
Challenge 2 is a bit more simple, record yourself reading some or all of Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven". Feel free to make videos, or audio clips and add music and SFX if you wish or just read the poem straight up.

If you do post a version with music or SFX if possible also post a downloadable one without, depending on how many entries I get I'll try and make a megamix featuring as many voices as possible.

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