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[Audio Drama] Zombeena (AUDITIONS CLOSED)
EDIT: Still looking for more auditions, especially for Zac and Tom.  The scripts are all ready to go just need the full cast!  

Deadline: 29th April 2017 (But we may close the auditions sooner if we find the right voices so please get the auditions in as soon as possible if you're interested)


[color=#515151][font=Arial,]Originally written as a comic we are now working on 'Zombeena' as a 10 p
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[Audio Comedy] Digibytes [AUDITIONS CLOSED]
EDIT - 19/03/2017

Auditions are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to audition for us, we really appreciate it and although we had some fab auditions we couldn't cast everyone.

We are in the process of contacting our cast members and will release a full cast list once we have heard back from everyone.

Thanks again to all those that sent in audition lines, you are all officially awesome!

Chris and Vicky Smile

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"Echogeddon" - Auditions for episode 6!
Howdy Folks! My name is Jambareeqi and I've been running an audio play series called "Echogeddon" for over a year now. It's a non-profit show and the cast is made up of volunteer talents. The premise follows a little girl called Zoe, who has been trapped in a Mech suit and forced by the military to fight invading monsters. 

I can now happily announce auditions are open for episode 6, the roles are for a pair of evil toxic powered monsters called Malice and Grudge. Any gender at all can auditi
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[TW: Abuse] MAMA Horror Game Casting Call{EXTENDING AUDITIONS}
Hello! Before I start looking for work myself, I have a project in need of VAs. 1 Male is needed.

Project Details:
MAMA is an RPG horror game centering around a young girl's relationship to her mother. At the girl's expense, the mother causes strange things to happen around their home, located in northern England. Monsters, strange noises, and untrustable boys lurk around the house, that the mother has summoned to "teach her daughter a lesson."

Character Details:
Davius: Male Child (10-1
Author: Azure - Replies: 10 - Views: 1702
What do you look for in a casting call?
I know I'm fairly strict when it comes to casting calls, but I sincerely want everyone to have a good experience. I think a well written post with a project that interests me is super important.  If it's fan made an art style I like also goes a long way as it tells me the creator has similar tastes to me.

What do the rest of you look for in a casting call post? ( audition)
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Mr Sticky Comics: Sleepless Warrior Motion Comic Auditions
I am writing a martial arts revenge comic called "Sleepless Warrior". I made a previous thread for a trailer and I want to thank
all who participated in it. Here is the trailer 

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...ttp://</a>]

I am looking to do a motion comic for the first chapter (artwork by Canko Stefanov) and hopefully the entire series.
If a character does not have a name near them then that means they are available to voice.

[b]Main Characters: [/b
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Goku Black And Zamasu Fandub Auditions
- Description
This for my upcoming Fan dub! It will be a goku black and Zamasu fandub. It is very daiologe heavy so prepare for alot of talking!

- Character list/profiles
Zamasu: Zamasu is a very calm and collected man. However he hates ningen, or mortals. He believes they are a stain on planet earth and wants to use the Zero Mortals plan to wipe them out

- Audition lines
I guess for a deadline I have to say within a month of this post

The Zero mortals plan, It's ironic isn’t it. The
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Project Odesia- Auditions are Open!
[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJofftDW5YI]

Hello! This is my first time recruiting on this website, hoping it'll help. Smile
[color=#2c3635][size=small][font=Verdana, sans-serif]For those who know me or know of me, thank you
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Bram Stoker High
Hi there. This is my first webcomic. My webcomics are similar to an animatic only with 2 differences. 1. No arrows and 2. Speech Bubbles. Before you audition here are the characters, their personalities, and auditional lines  except Baron Von Count which is taken by me.

Rosario (Grumpy, Hero, On her phone sometimes) (Female)
1. (sigh) Okay.

2. Take that wolf man!

3. Oh my Gosh!!!

Carl (Optomistic, Hero, Giddy) (Male)
1. Hold it right there Vampire!!!

Molly (Peppy, Optomistic, Bubbly) (Femal
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Originular Show: Special Guest Star Auditions
Welcome to the Originular Show voice acting studio for future guest stars! If you are a new guest, make sure you audition, create your own cartoon character, and you'll be in the series in NO TIME! Have fun auditioning on Originular Show!

[font=sans-serif]VOICE ACTING RULES: You must have a decent microphone, an audio-editing software and your scripts in order to be in the series. Originular Show may allow mild language but there will be NO profanity or other strong la