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Taking advantage of University/College
Hello again everyone!

To all the students of Voice Acting Space, I advise you to take advantage of university as much as possible!

As a Cyber Security student I've been pestering all the lecturers I can for opportunities. I've recently been booked into the recording studio for free to record for my projects, while my mic is repaired by Audio Technica. I've also been able to voice for a couple of games made by game development students.
University isn't just for getting a degree and drinking co
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Do you run a drama podcast what advice do you have?
So I'm thinking over the Summer once I have some free time again I want to run a longer episodic audio drama.  I have a rough idea of the theme and am playing with format ideas as I start to thumbnail it out.

Have any of you created longer running drama series? Do you have any tips? Is there an optimal length or distribution method?

Would love to hear some good tips, and if you have a drama feel free to link it.