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Looking for Voice Actors for Spongebob Abridged

Me and a group of friends are trying to put together a fan parody of the beloved series Spongebob Squarepants.

We are all editors and writers, so unfortunately we have little to no voice acting talent. We are here looking for people who can keep up deadlines and have good back and forth when it comes to contacting.

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Indie Team looking for Voice Actors (2M 1F) (Closed)
Hi everyone,

I´m working on a small Indie Game and we are currently looking for Voice Actors.

It´s a short story-based game about an elderly man and his family.
You can find more info in our audition document:

Send you Auditions to [email=niftyllamagames@gmail.com]niftyllamagames@gmail.com[/
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Looking For Line Webtoon Voice Actors for Series of Comics
[color=#595959]Hi, My name is Anais and I'm an online voice actor looking for a band of people to work with on a series of voice over projects using comics from a popular free site known as Line Webtoon. There are a number of comics I would like to do with a group of dedicated people who love voice acting as much as I do. This site is completely free to the public and has a variety of comics for anyone separated into various genres. [/co
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Any voice actors in Northern Ireland
I'm planning to be a voice actor in the future

I'm from the uk (Northern Ireland)

is there any voice actors from northern Ireland on here?
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Voice actors needed? How do you find roles/actors
Apart from this fine forum, how do you all find actors or get cast yourself? For me Twitter is essential for finding out about projects ( which is why this site has one) I also find having a youtube and soundcloud with demos is important as the majority of my roles come from scouting now.

Is there anything else you guys do to get the word out?