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The Shadowy Slicker: A Noir Audio Drama
Hello everyone! My name is Zane Sexton, the creator of a noir audio drama called The Shadowy Slicker. 

[b][size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The Shadowy Slicker is an upcoming noir audio drama that focuses on the life of Amory DeWolfe, an anti-hero and freelance criminal who is only out to make money. The audio drama is set in 1967 Cleveland, Ohio, where only the crooked survives. The tone is dark and grimy, so I
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[Unpaid] A Teen Tale Comic
Hello, I am here to say that I am looking for many talented voice actors that will work for free for my comic that I have made. I want to do a voice over of it on youtube.

Character List (So far more will be added.)
Keara (Female) She’s the smart one of the group of friends. She is always trying to do the right thing. She is very sensitive to other's emotions.
Ren (Male) [color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial]He is the creative on
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[Close][Unpaid]Reach - Post-apocalyptic Point & click Adventure game - Female voice
Hi! We are the Reach game dev team and we are making a point and click adventure game called Reach. The game is set in a post apocalyptic future caused by a conflict between robots and humans. We are looking for a female voice to do a monologue.

The role

The role is a 14 year old girl which is one of the main characters of the game. She does a monologue where she gives some backstory of the game world before the game starts. The monologue is inspired by the opening of Final Fantasy
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You Tube Animated Series - "About A Band" needs voice actors.
This will be a machinema series. I have no title yet. There will be 10 episodes.

[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The story revolves around Will (a singer / songwriter) trying to get a band together and make a record. Will was adopted into a black family as a baby. His lives with his adopted sister (also a drummer) in a condo that their parents own located in LA. His parents have relocated to NY. The siblings navigate
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Hello everybody!
[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I am making a animated short that is about 4 minute long for my diploma project. It is a comedy with a sort of looney tunes vibe to it, and the whole design is 60's goofy sci fi. The premise of the story is that an aline crashes into earth and while a road worker tries to help him fix his ship a misunderstanding happens and then in the end alien "accidentally" blows up th
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[Unpaid] [Song] One female and one male singer for a song
The world needs to hear YOUR voice, particularly in this stupid song!

Hello, I'm Nick, and I've already recorded the instruments for this song, but my voice is not very well suited for these two parts. I need one female (Voice 1) and one male (Voice 2) vocalist. I'm hoping for Voice 2 to be bold for a sort of theatrical effect (but not overdone). If you can hit the notes and time it right, I will probably use your voice.
It's probably not something you'll put on your profession
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[CLOSED] VA'S NEEDED for DaedraSkyrim Machinima
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/Zezf6hf.jpg]

Hey there! I need some voices for my Daedra Comedy Machinima series!


[s][color=#666666]I have attached the pilot episode above for reference. The series involves the famed mage, Morian Zenas, as he serves the 16 Daedric Princes.[/colo
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Roles filled
Roles filled
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[Unpaid] Building a music and sound effects team for Original Project
Hello I am JJ for a long time I been trying hard to get my original story Castle Night Wolf off the ground as an audio book originally. That fell flat because the narrator at the time lost interest, so instead of making it an audio book this time I want to make it into an audio drama which leads up to the sequel Return to Castle Night Wolf. I need sound effects people and a composer of music. What I have so far is the opening theme and one theme for the main villain. I am going to be posting the
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Hello there!

I'm an animation student currently working on my BA project "A short musing on one man's obsession". It's a short 2D film about a man who loves money just a bit too much. The approximate length of the film is 1,2 min.
I'm looking for a male voice actor to narrate a story.
This an unpaid audition.

Audition lines:

[color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial]He loves money