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I Need a Female Voice Actor (UNPAID)

[color=#595959][size=medium][font=Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Me and my friend are working on a radio play. It's a crime/science fiction story. Actually, we're done recording the two episodes and we're now currently doing the third one. But some of the actors who participated on the previous epi
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Just a voice acting test I done for a horror mod.
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Newbie With A Software Collection
Hi, everyone:
I am just getting into voice acting.  My first account is a children's yoga curriculum.  The thing I need immediately is a downloadable software that, once a project is done and ready to be sent to the client, can be saved as a wave file.
Does such a thing exist?  Should I call a patent lawyer?

Please and thank you!
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A variety of minor female roles for crime series pilot

I'm working on an animated series pilot for a serious 1960s crime drama, and I'm on the lookout for female voice actors interested in these female/young boy roles who are all fairly minor and low-commitment - few of them have more than 2 or 3 lines. Without further ado:

Annette Evellam [size=small][f
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Looking for a narrator!
Hi. my name is Jason, me and my friend has started to make some skits. here is one if u wanna see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agHit49ChKg&t anyways, we are making a new mini series called "my wierd routines" where we will show the morning, day and night routine of our character. we need a narrator badly for all 3, so if you're willing to do a narration for all three of them. gladly contact us!

Contact info
Skype: fredric.json
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✨【Love Net】✨ » A (Dark) Web Browser Romance

【 Romance ✦ Psychological ✦ Tragedy 】

[align=center][Image: http://orig14.deviantart.net/adcc/f/2013...6lwrhn.gif]A game about love , desperation, and sensitivity.

[size=x-small]Explore the world of
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How soon can a thread be reposted?
I had a project in the works for a while now. I even posted a thread in search of actors. Unfortunately, nobody answered to it. Is it possible to repost the thread, and how long would I have to wait to prevent breaking any rules? This is the only forum that seems promising for a fandub, so I'm hoping that I get to try again sometime relatively soon.
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[Audio Female] Voice record, needed for a short film.
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Had a clear up!
Since a lot of the forum sections have been going unused I've merged a few so stuff should hopefully be easier to find. All work you post just goes in the one section, questions and tutorials live in the same place. Since there are only a few people keeping resumes here those are all in one place.

Got some cool plans for 2018, so keep your eyes peeled.  Heart
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Yes', I'm Fine, Really! - A Sims 4 comedy [OPEN]
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...HBgpEk</a>]
Project description:
[size=small]Hi! So this is a series of short episodes called « Yes, I'm fine, really ! ». The title is pretty ironic considering it's about Rhys, a 23 year old who is seriously depressed but will not admit she is. Her depression having a huge impact on her life, she just failed her final year of college, which lead her to making a stupid decision that got