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Looking for a female lead character
I'm looking for a female lead character for the series I'm working on. The first 2 episodes are up on NG and you can check them out on my NG page but I'll leave a link to them here as well. I'm looking for someone to match the old VA's voice.

Audition Lines:

1. That was stupid what you did yesterday!
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Poll for a panel!
I'll hopefully be hosting a panel here soon and I want to do polls of special vo questions.

What's your current microphone?
What program do you use to record and edit?
What project do you prefer? [Audio plays, fandubs, indie, ect]
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Just a few clips
Hey everyone I'm new to these forums and I decided as my first post to this website I would post a few of my roles so you guys can listen to them if there are any creators out there looking for a voice. Seeing how I don't have many roles (I've been know to get projects that either don't go anywhere or they don't go long.) I will just post the youtube links for you guys to watch, maybe give me some advice, offer me a role, or poke fun of it even. I'll also give you guys a summery of the clips I p
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Kingdom Hearts: A Voice in the Dark - Disney, KH & FF characters needed!
Project -
Kingdom Hearts: A Voice in the Dark is a fanmade Kingdom Hearts audio drama that focuses on the character of Naminé and her origin story. The project so far has amassed tens of thousands of views on its host channel Skywardwing, and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgyH1Cth...J_cYfiJoMG-

Roles Needed:
Supporting roles will likely appear in only a few episodes. They will only have a handful of lines for each chapter. As this is an audio dr
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Looking for voice actors for a comic book trailer
I am looking for voice actors to narrate for a trailer for my comic "Sleepless Warrior"

The comic is about a village guard who sleeps on the job and wakes up to find his homeland in ruins thanks to three dastardly bandits.
He sets on a journey to destroy the bandits and the ambitious feudal lord who sent them to steal the mysterious crystal globe!

I am looking for several voice actors to narrate the following line as different characters as if they were speaking a testimonial:

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A Dwarf Campaign using the computer game Total War : Warhammer
Hey all,

I have just started a YouTube channel and looking for a male voice actor, who can sound like a dwarf i.e Lord of the Rings Gimli

This chap Gimli

Project Description

I have started to create a series using the computer game Total War : Warhammer, where you play a campaign and try to achieve certain goals. Now there is the classic lets play (just record yourself and chat over it) on YouTube, I did not want to go dow
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How to sound like a Dalek or Cyberman in Audacity for DigitalBrute
[Image: http://web.archive.org/web/2012101401055.../dalek.png]
Ever wanted to sound like a Dalek or the Cybermen from Doctor Who, follow this short tutorial to find out how you can do it using Audacity.


  • Audacity

  • [url=http://web.archive.org/web/20121014010556/
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Looking for a female voice actor
Hi i'm currently looking for a Female voice actor to play a small or big role in a horror movie i'm currently filming If you are interested, please post your email down below and I will contact you for more information. Thank you!
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What do you look for in a casting call?
I know I'm fairly strict when it comes to casting calls, but I sincerely want everyone to have a good experience. I think a well written post with a project that interests me is super important.  If it's fan made an art style I like also goes a long way as it tells me the creator has similar tastes to me.

What do the rest of you look for in a casting call post? ( audition)
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Do you run a drama podcast what advice do you have?
So I'm thinking over the Summer once I have some free time again I want to run a longer episodic audio drama.  I have a rough idea of the theme and am playing with format ideas as I start to thumbnail it out.

Have any of you created longer running drama series? Do you have any tips? Is there an optimal length or distribution method?

Would love to hear some good tips, and if you have a drama feel free to link it.