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(Short Parody) Matter Eater Lad! 1M 1F/M
Matter Eater Lad

This is a minute or so long video about the often forgotten and oddly situational superhero Matter Eater Lad. 

This is a very short unpaid project, and currently stands to be a one-off video but I will make a sequel if it's successful or enough people ask for one.

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[CLOSED] Fading Skies - 3D Action Adventure (1F, 1Dragon)

Hi everyone!

I’m a solo game developer currently working on Fading Skies, a third-person platforming action adventure, for which I need to create a small gameplay demo and a teaser trailer. The trailer will be mostly environment shots with some gameplay, accompanied by a short monolog from the main character. If time permits, the last part of the monolog will be fully animated and lip-synched. The demo re
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X-Files Parody (2M + 1F) Unpaid
This is gonna be a short parody animation of the series X-Files. I'm learning different animation techniques and this is the one i'm doing it with.

Here's a link to the progress i've made so far on it:
[Video: https://youtu.be/R_GAfI8Qzxk]

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