So who are you?

We’re a scrappy little Discord. We’ve been around for a bit as voiceacting.co.uk and voiceacting.space ( because a lot of us aren’t in the UK). We went on hiatus for a bit, but the community asked if we’d re-open and we did.

We’re focused around voice acting, but we’re a friendly space. If you love to watch indie created content you’ll probably enjoy our group. We’re spread across a bunch of time zones so it’s often not too busy. But if you want to share your latest demo reel, find collaborators for your project..then hop on in. We’re also happy to help troubleshoot your audio problems.

Our main focus at the moment are challenges. These are prompts that encourage people to go out and make things. No need to audition, or wait around. Just make stuff. Not only is it fun, you’ll be building a portfolio of work. We often post with deadlines but will archive old challenges on the site. So if you’ve ‘missed one’ complete it anyway and show us.

We have hobbyist and professional voice actors in our Discord. There are a whole heap of other creative folk. Don’t think you’re too new, or not into voice acting to join. 


  1. We don’t tolerate any racist, anti LGBTQ+ , sexist, or harassing behavior. But then I’m sure none of you want to join a community that does. If you experience or witness this kind of behavior please alert a moderator asap. Don’t think you’re bothering us. We’d rather you raised anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Feel free to promote your work, but in return we ask you to comment on other people’s work. Our community only works through mutual support. 
  3. Please make sure you’re ready for voice actors before you post a casting call. In general we recommend you prepare a full audition page with character info, project info and a deadline. A good ol’ Google doc works well for this. We also suggest you only cast after the deadline. First come first served casting calls generally don’t work out.