Voice Acting Challenge – My Summer Journal

.This is a non competitive challenge. The idea is to spark some creativity. We encourage anyone who enters to download the other entrants and give comments and feedback. What we’d like to do here is provide mutual support and improvement.

We originally ran this on the Discord with a deadline. We are now adding challenges to the site for you to tackle any time.

What’s the Voice Acting challenge?

The challenge is to create a short piece of work on the theme of ” My summer journal.” It could take the form of a short monologue. You can do the voice acting yourself or you can get friends involved. I suggest audio only by other formats are OK. If there’s a fan dub clip you have in mind – go for it. Want to make a puppet video..do it.. This is a super loose challenge.  The challenge is open to any medium. If you can’t record, it’s understandable. You can submit prose, comics, art, audio, animation or anything you like.

Submit your entries in the challenges entries channel of the discord. You can use the challenges channel for general chatter

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